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Landscaping Designer & Contractor in Oklahoma City

Tony’s Tree Plantation is your home for custom Oklahoma landscape design. Our team of landscaping design experts design and build the landscape of your dreams. Our full-service approach gives you access to the best landscaping Oklahoma City has to offer from our custom water features, flowerbeds and retaining walls designed to meld seamlessly into the natural Oklahoma landscape. Contact us today and have the most beautiful landscaping in Oklahoma right in your backyard.

*Limited quantities available. Selections may vary.

Landscaping Designer & Contractor in Oklahoma City


Designed to look as if it naturally fits in to your landscaping, a waterfall or stream adds an easy, organic look and feel to your backyard. Designed to blend in to the environment, a waterfall or stream offers a dramatic look with that peaceful sound and are virtually maintenance free. Available in limitless designs and […]

Dry River Beds

Adding a dry riverbed to your current landscaping offers an interesting and appealing way to turn a problem into an asset. A dry riverbed can be used to provide proper drainage in yards where water may accumulate as the result of poor location or improper excavation. Dry riverbeds are also a unique landscaping solution to those […]

Drainage / Water Problems

Nothing does more to affect a home’s foundation and destroy expensive landscaping than drainage and water problems. At Tony’s Tree Plantation, our engineers’ and designers will work with you to formulate a drainage solution plan to correct drainage issues. From installing French drains and surface drains to remove unwanted water, to the installation of a […]

Licensed Arborist for Tree Trimming, Removal and Stump Grinding

Proper care of your trees and shrubs is important to keeping them looking their lush, green best. Don’t leave this to just any guy at the local home center – nurture a relationship with a licensed arborist. At Tony’s Tree Plantation, our licensed arborists will consult with you regarding all your tree and shrub needs […]

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